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On the Farm to pass the time Protect them from evil and give them thy peace. May God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit bless you. Amen. Amen. Let me congratulate you. Thank you. I hope this won’t be the last time we meet for such a joyous event. We’ll try not to disappoint you. The heat seems to be working; we’ll see. Ludvik, Ludvik! Ludvik! It’s really good. And it smells great. Yeah, great. Have another. No, I think Game Yes, you must. How many will you be able to order? That’s a bit problematic. Eat! We get all of our desserts from one wholesaler Game Aha Game Unfortunately Game Okay, fine. Sorry Game It’s okay. Enjoy it. Well? No deal. Why not? He just doesn’t want it. But he likes it. Yeah, but he doesn’t want it. Maybe I’m not a good salesman. We need a pro. He likes it but doesn’t want it. What can we do? Maybe I know someone Game The golden gate opens straight. Wait for the red Game Then watch your head. Anezka! Hi. Hi. Watch your head. Okay. Look what we’ve got here. Wow! Pretty nice, huh? Blow on this car here. I’ll help you. How far will it go? Look, it’s going to derail. See? Just like me. Help me, daddy. That one’s broken. Come here, Anezka, have a look. That engine looks like a cow. Everything here looks like a cow. Especially daddy. How’s the bakeshop? Fine. And mommy? Fine, too. Did she complain about me not sending money? No. Mommy’s nice, huh? Yeah, she is. I know. You’re like a flame extinguished beneath my hand. You’re like a spring flowing to an unknown land. And I am so sad, just like my hand, which without your hand is so alone, so alone. Rome What am I supposed to do? You promised we’d be together after you took care of things. For three years you’ve been saying we’d all be together. Why? I believed it. You said you’d take me away; that we’d be together. We both thought he’d understand and let me go. What am I supposed to do now? I think I love you more than anything in the world. You’re a coward. Hi! Hi. Well, how was it? Super! Super! Good afternoon. I haven’t been here in so long. How did you do it? Don’t look too close