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cause he wanted to have that mannerism as much as possible, to have those long sleeves. Yeah, I really love the way that he, like, walks and moves as Q. It’s very different from the way that Nat walks and moves through the world. There’s the Mountain Goats poster in all of its glory. God. Greatjob focusing on that, Jake. Yeah. Just you know game Can hardly even see Q because I’m so focused on that amazing Transcendental Youth poster. We almost painted Nat out of the shot just so that we could focus on that poster more. Here we are returning to school. I remember they built that “Last chance for prom tix” thing in about seconds. Yeah, well that was game When we were doing this exterior it was like “Oh, we could put prom back in there, and then yeah, Spells and the whole team, they threw it together. It was awesome. Yeah. Ben and Radar made a bunch ofjokes about how un-Q-like that move was, I remember. ( LAUGHING) This is a moment that you were making like a proper action movie. You know, surprise. Is that as close as I get to a proper game If that’s as close as I get to a proper action movie in this film, It’s going to be a while before someone lets me direct a proper action movie. I mean, is that your dream? Yes. That’s all I wanted. Like I said, Fast and the Furious , both Nat and I, this whole movie was just a calling card for The Fast and the Furious . Doing everything we can. Ben is great in this scene. Yeah. Well, and this is a big shift in the film. ‘Cause the film has kind of an odd structure. I mean, you’re with this one character of Margo for almost the whole first minutes. And she’s going to be gone for a lot of the rest of the movie, and so this is a great way to kind of transition into what, you know, the movie ultimately in many ways becomes about is Q and his friends. And so it’s time for them, like we’ve introduced them a little bit but they’ve been gone, to kind of bring us into their relationship and start getting a sense of their, you know, their interplay. We should mention that Austin Abrams game