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I leave it to you to find the ghosts. Dr. Fei! Dr. Fei! I suggest that we call it a day for now. I have a suggestion. Mr. Ma and Dr. Fei go out for coffee. How’s that? Sorry, I’m meeting someone. Dr. Fei. I haven’t officially asked you out. I’m meeting the man standing behind you. You Games Allow me to introduce, my boyfriend, Weibang This is Mr. Detective. Hello, Mr. Dee. Ma Ru Long. Mr. Ma. Pleased to meet you. My mistake. Excuse me. How did it go, Mr. Filmmaker? It was great. My script caused quite a stir. Your fragrance powder covers the smell of the chemicals. You must’ve found your heroine already? The Film Queen won’t read my script. So I still have no lead actress. Don’t worry. You will get what you want if it’s meant to be. Ms. Meng. Are you enjoying the night? To receive a grand gift like the Miss Photogenic award Games I should be the one buying you dinner. But you’re doing the treating instead. You’re such a clever and generous girl. This award is only the beginning for you. I’m looking for Mr. Tang. Sure. Ms. Meng. This is such a special occasion. I have a special treat. A red wine that I ordered directly from France. Excuse me for a second. Sure. You look gorgeous tonight, Si Fan. I raise my glass to you. I hear that you’re looking to investing in movies When it comes to making movies I’m totally clueless. Considering my social standing, money and fame don’t matter to me. Then what is your reasoning? For you, of course. From now on, all your films will have my full support. Cheers. Si Fan, I’ve been looking everywhere. Here you are. Don’t drink it. Who are you? Mr. Tang, I’m Games He’s my boyfriend. It was getting late, so I asked him to pick me up. Thank you for your generosity. Our next dinner is on me. This drink is to you. Let’s go. Ms. Meng. Young Master. Uncle Han. Get in. Come on. Get in. Let’s get in the car. Why were you there? Are you stalking me? Of course not. I went to see Mr. Tang. I wanted to show him my script. Who are you? I’m a filmmaker. My name is Gu Weibang. I’ve just returned from France.