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Why does it matter now? I wanna know who I’m working with. Well, they aren’t around anymore. So, listen. So why’d they let you go? They didn’t. Benghazi. I was not in the army anymore and we were retrieving a hostage, something like game Like we are doing here, and it was a beautiful day. No problems. And then it all went bad. We got hit. Cut off. Waited for support. No one came. And everybody died. Except me. Mingo, Torres, and Tiger, right? You were listening. Yeah, I was listening. Thank you. So what do you think? I think we should get this over with. Four signals. Eight stories up. This is way too wrong. Sally don’t like it. You know he’s got eyes on us now. May I suggest something? No. No, later. That’s what I thought. It’s fine. Go! Break it. Shit. What the hell? Hey, Barn! I knew you couldn’t stay away. But I’m relieved that someone could pick up the kids. You got ’em in there? Now try getting ’em out. But unfortunately for you, the entire complex has been wired with C. It’d take a regular Joe about seconds to get out of there. You’ve got game How ’bout ? He’s turned this whole place into a bomb. Maybe not. Hey! % battery power. You didn’t charge it? Excuse me, but what are you doing? Just running some code. Should be able to jam the signal. Why didn’t you think of that? Well, I use it to check the weather. Will you just shut up and let him do his thing? You sure you can do this, Thorn? I can do it. I can do it. Yeah, kid, take your time. Come on, man. Come on, come on. Come on, dude. Come on. Come on! Come on! Come on. Come on, Thorn. Come on, Thorn. Give me a sec. Source is in. You can do it. Come on, Thorn. Come on, come on. Focus. Focus. Got it! I take it back. We’ve lost override. The signal is jammed. Send ’em in. Barney, the battery’s at %. When this thing dies, we lose override. That gives us about minutes, tops. Don’t pop the bottles yet. Still got trouble. What? Big trouble. Lucky again, bro. But try to enjoy the view because shortly, the building that you’re currently standing in will be surrounded by