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Orchard On a bridge over a canal, one of the most beautiful hotels. She got married in a mall casino? I thought it was very romantic. In Vegas? And fun. Really? Please, have some more kabob. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but a handsome man like you, well surely you’ll have no trouble finding someone else. Yeah. Shirin told me everything. What do you mean she told you everything? Everything. So game you know? I was shocked, but you know, mothers and daughters, no secrets. If the public finds out about this, I’m ruined. Do you understand that? You have to understand that we didn’t game we didn’t plan this. You know? It just game it started off as a joke and then we game we just kind of went with it, and game You call something like this a joke? We never meant to deceive anyone. I promise you. But you did deceive. I should’ve never trusted Shirin. You’re not gonna publish this, are you? I want to be fair. Will you tell me your side of the story and please have some more Ghormeh sabzi. Hi. Hey. Forgot your keys again, huh? You look very wild. Where did you get that dress? This is for you. What are you talking about? Come on. Let’s go inside. No. I can’t do this. I can’t game I can’t marry you. What do you mean, you can’t marry me? It’s another guy, huh? It’s that guy from the lighthouse, that hippy kid? Shirin, how could you? Mike, you’re the type of guy who almost any woman would love to have. Right, but not you. I’m sorry. I have to go. Uhhuh. Give my friend a drink, please. You have a name? Yeah. Yeah. I can’t remember it right now. I never heard that one before. That’s funny. Hmm. It is funny, and it’s true. Sometimes, I go by William, and then other times, I go by Rachel. I’d prefer to call you Rachel. Naughty. Umhmm. Most people want to call me Rachel these days. Yeah? Why don’t you come to my place and tell me about it? She isn’t worth it. If you only knew, but I tell you what I will do. I will drive you home. Sure you will. You dumped Mike for this? Naughty night? What the hell? There must be some kind of mistake.