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and not be pushed around. If you get out there and he doesn’t wanna pull the trigger don’t make him? MUSIC PLAYING SIGHS Hey, kiddo. Kiddo, time to wake up. It’s not even light out yet. Early bird catches the buck. Come on. MUSIC PLAYING I’m really glad we’re out here. Some of my best memories of grandpa were hunting in these woods. THUNDER ROLLING RAIN PATTERS Hey, check it out. Cool. Let’s put your hood up. Oh, I got you! LAUGHS I got you. Come on, Dad. Come on. Come on. CHUCKLES Keep your hood up. What’s that? Oh, that’s a tree blind. Hunters build them so they have a hidden vantage to gaze down their prey. You know, sometimes they’ll spend days up in one of those, waiting for just the right buck. That’s not fair. Danny, fair’s got nothin’ to do with it. Now let’s hold up here. Grab a sip. THUNDER RUMBLES WILL BREATHING HEAVILY All right, we’re not actually that far from the car. There’s a road right up there that leads back once we bag our deer, all right? Come on, Dad, we’ve been here all morning.