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Penguin Tide 2 DURST: OK. DEBRAH: All right. You got to chin up. You’ll be OK. DURST: Thank you. DEBRAH: I love you, honey. DURST: I love you. DEBRAH: Bye. DURST: Bye. Have your investigators been able to talk to Robert Durst? No, they have not. He’s represented by an attorney. As D.A. Morganelli has said, it’s the attorneys that we speak to. MAN: Do you have any comment on what happened today with your client? Well, it’s very straightforward. Mr. Durst is anxious to get to Texas to defend himself on the charges pending there. He has a viable defense, and he wants to raise it. Therefore, he chose to voluntarily waive extradition and not seek to fight extradition. And we expect that he’ll be moved forthwith to Texas where, with two of my colleagues down there, we’ll begin further to prepare his defense. And that defense would be an insanity defense? No. I’m not going to comment on the defense. MAN: Did you at any time tell Mr. Durst that you’d divorce him if he retained Michael Kennedy? Yes. Why did you say that to him? Because I didn’t trust Michael Kennedy. I didn’t like Michael Kennedy. MAN: I’m quoting again from the tapes. Do you recall your wife threatening “I won’t stand by you anymore,” close quote, if Michael Kennedy wasn’t fired as your lawyer? Yes. Michael Kennedy was the one who was hired by Douglas to represent me. And I had no intention of hiring Michael Kennedy anyway. WOMAN: Robert Durst returned to Texas tonight. The heir to a Manhattan skyscraper fortune is charged with murdering and dismembering his Galveston neighbor. Well, I’m Dick DeGuerin. I’ve been practicing law since . Almost all of that time in criminal law. Either as a prosecutor, where I started, or as a criminal defense lawyer once I saw the light. MAN: And then she says, “I will fight for what I want and I will fight you hard,” close quote. [Chuckles] Well, that’s Debbie. MAN: Do you remember that conversation? I don’t remember that one specifically, but the big argument then was that I wanted to hire Dick DeGuerin to represent me, and she wanted me to hire Mike Ramsey.