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I couldn’t have worked this out better if I tried. I’m glad you’re back. Thanks. So am I. You don’t know how lucky we are that nobody got killed. Yeah, you may have been a nobody, but when you get killed, you suddenly become somebody, at least to the police. Somebody’s dead? Very. Gert? Gert? Oh, the chain-smoker. No, unfortunately, he’s still got one lit somewhere. Does he mean something to you? Oh, he will get me. Once they have a victim, they won’t let go. The Golden Dragons? Yeah. Well, then I was right, they are people. Fiends. Five of the most evil men the world has ever known. Their syndicate controls the illicit gold market, with headquarters in Paris, Rome, New York, Beirut, and Hong Kong. Have you told the police about this? How could I? I don’t know who they are. Oh. They don’t even know each other. What? Well, that is a secret society, isn’t it? How did you get mixed up in all this? I used to work for them. I’m a stewardess- an indispensable profession to them. Then we started flying into Beirut and I fell in love. Oh, and that’s a no-no? I know I shouldn’t have, but I told him what I was doing, and he was trying to go to the police. And never got there? They killed him. They killed him. And I know they’re going to do it to me. Now, listen, I promise you something. Tomorrow, I’ll get you out of Hong Kong. It doesn’t matter. Wherever I go, they will get me. No, no. Please, please. It’s just my wristwatch. It’s got an alarm. Listen, get a hold of yourself, please. I went you to relax, get some sleep. Understand? I’ll see you in the morning. Come in! What’s happened to my : appointment? I don’t know, sir. Get me Inspector Chiao. He went out half an hour ago. Hmm? Did he leave a message? He was going to bring some gentleman back with him. What gentleman? Mr. Mitchell, sir. Oh, Mr. Mitchell. Thank you. Not before time. All right. All right. All right, all right. I have excellent hearing. Well, you may have excellent hearing, but you’re certainly not punctual. We mustn’t keep the commissioner waiting.