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I’m a hard worker. I love singing. I’ve been singing game I sing all the time. And I need it! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE OK, it’s not over just yet, as your future now lies again with the coaches. You are now available for a Steal. Steal! CROWD SHOUTS Two! Double trouble! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Well done. Congratulations. Two steals George and Paloma. How are you feeling? I’m feeling great. I’m feeling great. I can’t even express how I’m feeling right now, but, yeah, I’m excited. George, let’s start with you. Erm game I just turned because, you know, you were amazing. I didn’t actually really like your original audition but on that song you took it somewhere else. You know. CHEERING And game Thank you so much. You’re a belter. You know? you remind me of like, Darryl Pandy. You’ve just got to get into a song, and there were certain lines in that song that only you could have owned, and you really did. So I don’t care if you go with Paloma because she’s got nicer hair than me and she’s wearing a skirt game I’ve got a bit more to me than that, but, yeah. LAUGHTER As well. No, I mean, I won’t be offended either way, I just think you’re a great singer game Thank you. ..and whoever you go with, you know, good luck. You know? Thank you so much. APPLAUSE I want to nurture what I’ve seen, and I want to work WITH you. I don’t want to dictate to you. I want to understand what it is that you see within yourself and bring that out together. APPLAUSE I don’t want to go down game I don’t want to sound like I DIDN’T want you, because I do, I think you’re an amazing singer, and Paloma HAS got some big ass voices on her team. So there’ll be competition. Just warning you! LAUGHTER AND CHEERING So Aaron, now it’s back to you. I’m going to go with my heart game I’m going to pick game ..Paloma. WHOOPING AND APPLAUSE Congratulations, well done. You’re now on Team Paloma. We’ll see you at the Knockouts! I wasn’t game I know, thank you. ‘Aaron/Faheem was a great battle. I had to be a little strategic,’ so I picked Faheem cos I knew someone was going to pick Aaron.