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Perfect Garden 3 A are you crazy? Why did you have to mess with Cheeni? Koki was the best! He asked, It doesn’t hurt that bad, does it? Listen, guys, we all have to leave for Leh tomorrow morning. Leh! It’s done. Those foreigners had called. They’re coming to inspect the camp and if they like the camp, then we’re going to be set for life. Man, that’s awesome. You’re going to be our very own tour guide. Shut up, Gaurav. Adventure camp organizer. Okay? Shut up! Dev, stop the car near the sidewalk. First give me a sip. No. First stop the car. At least give me one sip. No, stop the car! Okay. Hang on. Did the thought of going to Leh scare you? Pansy! I’m not a pansy! Shut up! Adi, listen. Stop bothering him. Shut up! Hulk, why do you keep doing this to him? Because of his weak bladder, he can’t hold it for too long. I’m going to go and help him out. Hey, wait up for me. Dev, I have a question. Yes? What is the one thing that gives us a sense of identity? The flag! Okay? What do you feel when you look at the flag? Holiday, dry day. It’s our national flag. You’re supposed to feel proud. I feel betrayed. Ah, got it. Are you guys crazy? What if the cops show up? So what? He says that America is the reason behind all the problems in the world. I’m going to bring down America for my brother. But for now, you climb back up here. Come on, hurry up. Adi, don’t go back. The cops are here. What the heck are you doing? Quiet, everyone. Dev, tell them to stop. Devi, relax. Okay, now come here. What the heck is going on in the middle of the road? Kids, what are you doing out here at this time? Have you got cotton buds in your ear? I asked what you are doing here at this time of the night. We were watching the constellations. Reproduce. What! Answer the question I’m asking. You know, the stars. So, you like looking at the stars. Why don’t you do this? Go straight, take a right. You’ll find Nehru Planetarium. You can look at the stars for as long as you like. Now, get out of here. Where did this monkey come from? He messed it all up. Okay. Now, get down from there.