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relief that the game actually took place. But for Charles, it’s all too much. I just needed a moment to myself, to, uh kind of reflect and get the emotion out because it’s been pent up through the whole trip. It was hard getting the guys together. Congratulations. And zoom in on it. It’s always difficult working with Dennis, but it Games it Games it usually works out well. I just sung “Happy Birthday” to the er. In less than hours, we were actually thinking of not playing this game. We were actually thinking of not playing the game. We made history today. The high emotions are felt in the North Korean camp, too. It was a great, great, great pleasure, and a happiness and honor for him. With their achievement starting to sink in, the players begin to celebrate. Bring it in, guys. Bring in in. Come on. I’m feeling Games I’m feeling some love. Bring it in. Bring it in. Come on, bring it in. I’m feeling some love. We did it. Vin, come on, man. Back at the hotel, the celebrations continue. For the first time since they stepped foot in Pyongyang, everyone gets to let their hair down. And, yep, Joe gets another chance to show off his well-honed karaoke skills. After everything that’s happened over the last few days, there’s a good show of togetherness, and the revelry lasts well into the night. Who woulda thunk it? Oh! And I love North Korea. The next day, the U.S. players, with a few sore heads, head out for some specially organized r&r time with the North Korean team. We had a chance to actually interact with the national team, so we went to the water park, got on slides together. Guys were pulling me over Games “come, come.” Even though it was a different-language barrier, we communicated with each other. And it was good to be around those guys away from the gym, in a different atmosphere, and it was the same thing. It was all love, we had a great time with those guys. It’s gonna be a bond. It’s gonna probably be, you know, from that day forth, all the way throughout. You know, a lot of the players that were