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woman When there’s so many bigger things at hand I should play myself again Be my own best friend Not stave myself in the head for stupid men He walks away The sun goes down He takes the day but I am grown And in your way In this blue shade My tears dry on their own Ohhh She walks away The sun goes down She takes the day But I am grown And in your way In this blue shade My tears dry on their own. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE One more time for Tom and Brooklynne. Will, you were rather animated watching that performance. There was a lot of this. Oh, no, no, I was watching my man, he was animated with it. I was like, wow, check him out, he’s like really being in the theatricals. Usually, like, theatre game er, I don’t know, it doesn’t really belong in pop. Theatre belongs in theatre. I know what you mean, yeah. Then there’s people that perform theatrical, like Michael Jackson performed theatrical. Yeah. I’ve grown up with Michael Jackson, I was fed it as a young lad. To the point where I think it’s Earth Song where he’s grabbing hold of two trees, and I used to get the conservatory chairs and use that. With a plastic microphone that kept game Ah-ah-ohhh. There you go. And Brooklynne is just like, she reminds me of, like, um, a Lauryn Hill. Oh, wow, thank you! I was really entertained, it was dope, you guys really brought the house down. Thanks, Will. And, Ricky, happy? Yeah, it was really good, you should be proud of yourselves, well done. OK, good. OK, Ricky, who is the winner of the battle? The person I’m going to take forward in the competition game CHEERING AND SHOUTING Brooklynne. Congratulations. Ricky, thank you! OK, Tom, you’re not available for a steal. GROANS I’m sorry. Thank you. We’ve loved having you, Tom, thank you so much. Tom, everyone. Paloma, what have you got for us next? I have % got something, a little bit of eye candy game Oh! ..something to satisfy the ladies at home. And the men, potentially. And some men. And we’re all very excited about this. Sounds very interesting. So hold on to your chair.