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Pet Doctor 2 We were scouting outside of the town. Scouting game stealing horses I’d say. The Carsons got even. But who? Ringo is blind. Whatever, we have to find out where he hid those shares. It won’t be easy to find them. Ringo is smart. Time is running out, Daniels. This is the last telegram sent by the army. They were alarmed by the landowners who demand an investigation. Well? Powerful friends will take care of them. I’ve got an idea. Every year one of the Carsons joined the celebration. This year, Mister Brett, l will attend. Instead of my mother. Thanks, Mister Carson. Take me with you, daddy. No, Ringo. Listen, he’s too young. He should stay home. He already understands. Tom, bring him upstairs. Since that night there’s something about you I don’t understand. You’re not the same man anymore. What can I do about it? Tell me. Nothing, Jane. What shall I do? Nothing. Let them finish the party. Then give a signal. Stop! Help! No! No! save me! Daddy! Save me! No! No! He can see us! He tricked us! Run away, Willy! Go hide yourself! You should have killed him! Why didn’t you shoot? It was your order. Ringo’s death is your death. And yours too. Without those shares game game my bank game game is facing bankruptcy. I have no money left. Get him! Willy! Willy, come out! Don’t move, okay? I’ll come and get you. Understand? Now go and hide. Ringo, wait for me in the valley of lndians. Jane Carson! Jane Carson! Jane Carson, Where are those shares? I game I don’t know. I don’t believe you. Where is Ringo? Ringo escaped. He has back his eyesight! He was able to see for some time. He tricked you. Your son is hiding, but we’ll find him. And kill him, if you don’t talk! You’ll never find Willy. Well I’m happy, Ringo can see! He can see again and you are afraid, because you betrayed him! He will revenge his mother’s death! You are a worm! A worm! A worm! You are a stupid woman! What could two men do against us? Attack the whole town to save you and your son? You are crazy! If you only would understand, how much I love you. How much I desired you,