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Phobi Jones Adventure order up a ginger ale and stare at it for the better part of an hour. She’s late, like she always was. And like always game game she’s worth the wait. Dwight. How long has it been? Four years? Yeah, that sounds about right. Have a seat. So many times I’ve wanted to call you. I found myself thinking about you, constantly. I’ve got places to go, how about you just tell me what you want. Don’t be cold. I don’t think I could stand that right now. I must still mean something to you. You came here. You must still care. Sure. You called and I came running. You still got that much of a hold on me. Maybe you always will. But I got no reason at all to be nice to you. I guess I deserve that. Let’s not screw around. I’m here. I’m listening. Just tell me what the hell it is you want. There’s only one thing I want from you, and I want it so desperately I could scream. I want you to forgive me. So you’ve got a conscience after all. Fine. I forgive you. You got your wish. Now go home. Sleep tight. You’re right about me. I’m a selfish slut who threw away the only man she ever loved. But I was wrong. Good one. I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night. I’m in hell, Dwight. It’s worse than you can imagine. You made your bed, sleep in it. Forgive me, darling, I beg you. No. I love you. No. No! You do that again, I swear to hell I’ll kill you. If you can’t forgive me game game then please remember me. They say you really never die as long as somebody remembers you. What the devil are you talking about? Mrs. Lord. The weather’s inclement, the neighborhood is bad, and your present company is low. You’re due at home, Mrs. Lord. I’d say that’s up to Mrs. Lord. This is none of your concern, sir. Any physical contest between us would have one outcome. Hey, buddy, is that dickhead giving you a hard time? You want me to break him down for you? I got nothing going on tonight. That would be an interesting contest. It’s not his fight. Never mind, Dwight. It is too late. I’ll go with him. Too late for what, Ava? For everything. Just remember me, my love.