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like there’s more than there actually is. It’s like a trick. Right, yeah. By the way, when I wrote the book, I never imagined this being in a film and it is so cool that it happened. Like, this whole scene just feels exactly like I wanted it to feel, and like the book felt to me when I was writing it. So this was really cool to watch. Oh, and this was one of our first kind of major changes from the book is the idea of capitalization within the words versus at the beginning of the words, which I know is sacrilegious, but we actually felt like you wouldn’t notice at all. You wouldn’t notice it, yeah. You wouldn’t notice it. Like it’s not as much a visual thing unless you can really look at it in print and talk about it. Like if it was just the beginning of the words, we felt like it wouldn’t come through as much. So thanks for letting us get away with that one. Also, Saran Wrap instead of some of the other things that happened on the night out in the book, which I really like, by the way. I wish I’d come up with that prank. I think it’s hilarious. Yeah, I just felt like that was one thing in reading the script, for a visual thing, rather than doing the fish each time, we talked to Scott and Mike about, like, are there more pranks? Are there more ideas that she could have to play? And here she’s about to begin her night out. Nat’s dri the minivan, doing an amazing job. Pulling up slowly outside of that house. Super slow. He’ll be stunt dri next. I mean, Fast and the Furious , here he comes. Oh, man. Oh, he’s going to be so mad. I know, he’s going to be really mad, but he knows he’s game ‘Cause he’s not not sensitive about his dri. He is. U h, you know, it’s funny. He always says that everyone is really hard on his dri except for Cara and that he was really grateful to Cara for being so nice about it. But then he found out that Cara also can’t drive. Right. She has no frame of reference. So game As a wrap present actually. Or no, this is his th birthday present, we got him a gift to a stunt dri course in Los Angeles,