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OK, let’s get on with it. Agh! Well! You’re hurting me! Oh, yes. Let go, I’ll explain. You’ll explain to the police. Leave off! Oh! Non-native accent Lies, lies, lies. All big lies, I tell you, Inspector. What I want bodies for in my business? Mr Jago, please, I’m checking that number. Sorry, inspector. Terribly sorry. But what a story. Wherever I knew such lies! You’re sure it was GZ ? Sure as I stand here, Inspector. Just like in that paper. Very interesting. You see, there doesn’t happen to be a GZ. See, Inspector? He makes it all in his head. Why? He comes to rob my shop. But I knew it all the time. You’ve got your remedy. I take it you wish to charge this boy. Yes, I charge him. You will send him to prison? Right, we’ll all three get along to Bow Street. To Bow Street? Me? Now? Why? You’re the one bringing the charge. But Inspector, what else shall I bring? I’ve told you all I know. I’m sorry, you’ve got to come along. Oh, yes, but I can’t come now. I’m waiting for a customer of mine. He comes at half past nine. He’s a very big customer. Look here, Mr Jago. Either you proceed in the proper manner or you drop the charge. Yes, please, sorry, I haven’t understood. He is a very big customer. He can’t find close to my shop. You must understand, Inspector. Well, right. Well games I’ll let the boy go. What else can I do? All right, son. So sorry, Inspector. I didn’t like to waste your time. If only it would have been tomorrow, I could have managed. Sorry. That was lucky for you, son. You’d better cut along. Where do you work? I’m just looking for a job. I see. Well, watch your step. It was GZ . Cut it out, son. Supposing them number plates was false and that bloke was a crook? He wouldn’t have sent for me, would he? You ought to lay off reading those shockers. I don’t think you’re really a bad boy, just a bit imaginative. If I put you in the way of a job games In the CID? No, Covent Garden. Do you know Nightingale’s, the fruit and vegetable place? No. Mr Nightingale is a friend of mine. He’s on the lookout for a bright boy like you.