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Pimp My Pony 2 Remember the girl who was sleeping on your porch? I gave her a ride from her school by chance And she was looking for a parttime job. Isn’t she in high school? She said that she does all the housework at home. Tell her to come this Saturday afternoon. Hello. Sorry! It’s okay. Let me do it. No, it’s fine. I’ll do it. No, I’ll do it. Don’t worry. Be careful. Bummer! What does ‘bummer’ mean? Uh, it means thank you very much. And your name is It’s Seo Eunpa. Thank you, Eunpa. Now can I get a hug? Of course. Thank you very much. When I clean the top window, my fingers go wriggly. Reminds me of dance lessons I use to take dance classes until th grade. Can you tighten it some more? How are you going to breathe? And the skirt? This short? Shorter. They’ll be able to see your panties! All right, this much Grumpa, your pencils are all stumpy. Would you like me to sharpen them? Let them be. Sharp pencils are woeful. What’s so woeful about them? What do you think? Grumpa. If pencils are sad because they’re sharp Does that mean all sharp pencils are sad? Is that Poetry? Images one derives from an object is often as far apart as heaven and hell. When I think of pencils I see a boy running to school. He loved the sound of his pencil case rattling inside his school bag. When the boy couldn’t afford to go to school any more The rattling sounded as if the pencils were crying. Soto me, the pencils means tears. When you say ‘Grumpa, please sharpen my pencil’ I hear this instead. ‘Grumpa, please wipe away my tears.’ Grumpa? It’s me, Eungyo. Grumpa. What are you doing here at this time of night? Can’t you see I’m wet? Scolding me first Grumpa Can I stay the night? What? Please let me stay. I can’t go home tonight. Let me see your face. Let me see your face. Someone has slapped you. Who is it? Is it someone you know? My mom. Your mother? She does that sometimes. But only to me I usually go to my friend’s house when something like this happens. Let’s get you changed first. Follow me. Grumpa. Can I tell you something? I’ll take you home when the rain stops.