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There’s something urgent that needs doing. After that I’ll leave you to sleep even for hours. Get the men, we’re going to touch those Saints! But do we have the proof against him Captain? Yes. Can’t we put it off until tomorrow? His Excellence Passarella arrives today, to help him to inaugurate the new road. No. His Excellence Passarella will unveil the road without having to stand next to that big shot. The man who builds with manure and blood! For the prestige of the State he must do it knowing that Don Mariano is incarcerated and accused of murder. Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! The Carabinieri are here? But what for? What’s happened? Destroy it at once! What’s happening? Tell me, please, I want to know! I want to know! Tomorrow you’ll leave for Switzerland. And whatever you read in the newspapers about me, it’s not true. Understand? Go on, go! What’s happening? Calm down! Calm down! But sir! Only honourable people live here! Go and stay in the kitchen. But if I woke you up at this hour then there must be a reason, no? Sure! Alert our friends. Wake up the ministers in Rome! Tell everyone! One moment! Game Please! And to what pleasure do I owe this visit at such an early hour? If you cast your mind back to your youth, you’ll recall that this is the time when the Carabinieri make their visit when they want to arrest someone. The search has already begun and it won’t be long until the handcuffs. Hah, they came to arrest me! Give it to me. These are my savings. The dates of your deposits coincide exactly with the dates of the public works. Public works? I’m a landowner. I lent some money to friends and they paid it back to me. You’ve no part in the construction companies then? No, no Game not at all. Many companies have obtained contracts by illegal means thanks to your recommendations. I do thousands of them. Contracts, licences, sites, subsidies Game So who do you give them to? My friends who are able to do things.