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Pimp My Red Pony Nicer ones too, I’ll bet. Bigger and fatter huh? Fatter, yeah.. but not nicer. You ain’t so bad. You know, a little more meat on you, and you’d be lots of woman. You’re okay. You suit me fine now. Do I Bill? Hmm Maybe you won’t tomorrow, see. So you got to watch yourself on that account. Don’t get yourself in too deep. But what if you do sometime and you can’t help it? What then? That’s the way it goes. Just got to learn to take it and laugh it off. You mean Bill that you’re going to.. You said I’d have to take it. No.. not you. I don’t mean you. I mean anybody. Anybody that gets it. Well.. No, I don’t mean you.. yet. But I’m apt to hand it to you any day. Who knows? Suppose I wake up some morning with a taste like wet henfeathers in my mouth? You know, women don’t look so good on them mornings. I’m apt to give you a push in the face, and take a stroll for myself, as not to. Maybe that won’t be right away. I mean, not tomorrow, quite so soon, huh? You can’t tell. Never know how a guy’s going to feel. Just wake up some morning, like I told you, and there he goes. But all men don’t do that. No, but then it don’t feel like it. Or maybe they just can’t get away. Why can’t they? A guy can have a lot of reasons. Bill.. you like babies, don’t you? What’s the difference whether I like them or not? It makes a big difference if you didn’t. Why? Because you’re going to have one. Oh I’ve known it for a long time now and I.. I thought I’d be afraid to tell you, but now I ain’t afraid of nothing. Oh please Bill, don’t say nothing until I finish. I want you to know something. It’s your baby and it’s mine. I’m willing to take all the blame for it. I’ve been meaning to tell you it all, but pretty soon you’d know it anyway. It’s just too grand and wonderful to keep to myself. You can’t understand it Bill, you’re a man. Please Bill! You needn’t look at me that way darling. I ain’t afraid of you. I’ve changed a lot. Only a little while ago, I was all alone. And then you came along and there was two of us, and now there’s three of us.