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Ana! Alex! Ana! Please, come. Hang on, baby, I’m coming. I’m there in a second. Hang on, baby, I’m coming. I’m there in a second. Yes. Don’t worry, my love. I’m coming. Just hang on a second. I’m right here. I love you.Why he keeps you around, I got no idea. All right. How much do you need? About eight hundred. I don’t know what “about eight hundred” means, Jimmy. Give me a number. Eight hundred? Eight hundred? All right. Thanks, Danny. Jee Game you know Game McCauley, he Game the son of a canceled on me. I need a Santa for a Christmas party this afternoon. Santa Claus? Yeah. Jeez, Danny, I Game You’ll be great. Find someone else? I gotta get home. Yeah. I’ll get somebody else. You freeze your little nuts off. Come on, Danny. You see that? You see that switch? I switch, and then I get out. Yeah. And then you’re out. You control him with the jab. Yeah. All right? Right. Put the phone down. Watch me with your own eyes. Okay? What the , man? Oh, shit! Yo! Yo, look at his face. Sorry, man. Get the outta here. You started it. Walk of shame. Yo, Mike, you knocked him the out. What’d I tell you about talkin’ like that? My bust. See how I kept my elbows tight? Yeah, I saw ’em. You gotta be careful fighting Garrity. He’s gonna wanna push you against the ropes. Just give him one of these. Knock his shit-talkin’ mouth right out. Sorry. It slipped. Go ahead, Legs. Gonna find out real soon how fast it can all slip away. Relax, Mike. I was just messing around. That’s your problem. You got all the talent in the world and all you wanna do is mess around. I’m told that you’re a man of influence, Mr. Maguire, that nothing moves in or out of this borough without your approval. And my employers are looking for a partner to help bring our product into the city. We use our contacts in the union, pop. Three bins a month, dockworkers know which bins are comin’ in and all they gotta do is make sure they pass through without inspection. What exactly is your product? Heroin. % pure. The very best in the world. And my son told you I’d be interested in this? Very interested. The business has changed, Mr. Grezda. Twenty years ago, I made a living the same way we all did. Couple big scores a year, but mostly I was a grinder. Now, you want to lay down on a few