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I’m not denying anything. So Game you admit that this is your coat. Games Yes Game or rather Game Games Where were you last night?! Games I was here. Games I know that! And after here, where? Didn’t you hear me? Games I heard you. Games Well? Games I don’t want to tell you. Games No. No. And I’m not surprised! Games Take him away! Games Where to? Why? Games To be charged. Games Charged? With what? With murder, son. I will prove, without a shred of doubt, that this man Game the son of a convicted murderer Game The story of a man’s father cannot be brought as evidence! Indeed not. As he was guillotined in this very town, within the living memory of many of you, for the same crime as has been committed by his son! “Like father, like son. ” I call my first witness. Games He said “I’ll kill you for this”. Games Those were his very words? Yes, sir. That’s exactly what he said. Do you recognize this coat? Yes, it’s mine. Did you not give it somebody? Somebody here, in this very court? Oh yes, of course I did Game to Hans. He was so very cold, weren’t you, Son? You are not allowed to address the accused! Accused? Accused of what? Games He wouldn’t hurt Game Games That will be all! Games You are Baron Victor Frankenstein? Games I am. And what is your occupation, Baron? I am a busy man. Your Honor, is this really necessary? Please answer the question. Games Your occupation? Games I am a doctor. Games Of medicine? Games Of medicine, law, and physics. And of witchcraft. To the best of my knowledge, doctorates are not awarded for witchcraft, but in the event they are, no doubt I shall qualify for one. Games You are a very clever man, Baron. Games Yes, I am. Games Too clever. Games Thank you. Now, if you will kindly proceed, I should like to get back to my work. What kind of work, Baron? Games That is none of your business. Games Perhaps it is my business! Your Honor, may I state quite simply, that I have known the accused for several months, and that I have always found him to be trustworthy, diligent, keen witted, if not over intelligent, concientious, abstemious, and wholly reliable.