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Pony My Love some time with him afterwards was really important. Yeah, and you will, and you will. That’s part of the grieving process and you need that. Yeah. Yeah, I’m so sorry, so sorry. Thank you. Yeah, okay. I’m good Game I’m glad that you’re that good. Yeah, I don’t wanna say goodbye. I hear such hugely sad things Game That it just brings tears to my eyes. And sometimes fetal indications patients, often they wanna see and hold their baby. And in a viewing were somebody is holding their baby that had something horribly wrong with it and they just decided to terminate the pregnancy because they couldn’t bear the idea of putting their baby through a lifetime of pain and suffering. And then the only time they get to say hello to their baby, they have to be saying goodbye to it, too and you can just see it, rips them apart and it’s hard to sit and watch somebody else be horribly sad, without being sad oneself. That’s one thing that makes this work so trying. Bellevue, Nebraska. Both of our children rode horses in New Jersey when I was in medical school. It was their hobby. So when were moving out here, we have promised they’re gonna have horses. Two horses. Two, oneone each. One each. So, when it just sort of snowballed, eventually ended up as a business, boarding for forty horses. And at that time I was a general surgeon and had a general surgery practice on the other end of town. And my friend was the nursing director of one of the abortion clinics in Omaha. I watched a couple of procedures but the technical part wasn’t really what I was interested in. It was just talking to them and their decisions in their discussions. And so I started working for them in April of ‘. Then, the fire happened in ‘. The horses were just all dead while they were in the stalls just on the ground and burnt. And the barn, everything was down, everything was gone. There were four horses that survived and twentyone that died. My daughter was, it’s her th birthday, I got a call at about three. The police said, Do you know where your daughter is?