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Emo style Pony I am accountable for your piece of mind. I am accountable for Game the education of your children. I want to s Game I, uh, I want to say to all of you Game I Game I want to say Game Don? I want to say Game I, uh Game I want to say that Game We love you, Don. Way to go, Don. Don. Don. Don. I don’t know what’s happening. I’ll get a comment from the governorelect. What’s your name? Where are you taking the governor? Governor, what is this? men, identified as police officers, escorted the governorelect from his campaign headquarters in police custody Whether protective custody or not, we don’t know, but sources have told Brian Hotchkins is being questioned by police where a man just elected governor disappears immediately You lost the governor? I’ll buy another one Here’s , for you I’ll contact you later, OK? No. Hey, Carlos, you misunderstand. You can’t be seen with me. I can still make it if I move now, quickly, and alone. But I’ll send for you soon as I get set up somewhere. OK? No. After all these years? You go to hell. Send for me? No. No. No. I go with you. Carlos, you’ll do as I say. You’ll do as I say, as always. Please, Victor, please. Look at you. You’re not strong enough. You’re a walking drugstore. A dope head. You should try. Look at you. Junkie. A usedup butcher. Control all gone. I don’t need you anymore. Do for yourself now. Fend for yourself. Like my big brother? Yes. Act like you? Well, try. I will. I will try. All right. I love you. I love you, too. It’s all right. Unh. , block off the underground parking area Cover all exits , , move into the lobby Secure all elevators and stairways Nobody comes in, nobody leaves. I say again, nobody comes in or leaves. We’re gonna need a for a backup. Roger Your is on the way We’re set, Shark. Let’s hit it. How many men we got down there, Jimmy? There’s a hundred of them at the bottom of the building. Son of a bitch. . Aah. He’s dead, Sharky. He’s dead. For God’s sakes, Sharky, he’s dead. Who killed him? The brother. Aah. What’s your name? Mongol. Come here, Mongol.