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Do you want to be shamed in front of the servants? Do you? Go on. Call for them. For all of them. Go on. Tell them what’s happened here between us. All of it. Put an end to it. I’m too tired. I’m too tired to fight. I can’t do this again. I can’t. All of this. Even Even the hands at my throat. I can’t. I can’t do it all again. I was very grateful for Master Ambrose’s coat, Master Ashley, very grateful. And I had never put it on before yesterday. It’s too good for me, I thought. I was very grateful for it, Master Ashley, very grateful. And I put my hand in the pocket and there it was, Master Ashley, sir, there it was. Still sealed. Still sealed. “You are the only person in the world I can trust. Drop everything. Come out to me. Only come straightaway. I fear for my life. The headaches, the sickness, the fever, suddenly I understand. The bitter potions, poisoning me. All this time she’s been poisoning me.” I’ve been a fool. In Florence, I used to brew the tisana in the salotto and then let it stand for a while.