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kids game if you were a burden game you would’ve been sitting in Delhi. game she wouldn’t have cared to take you all the way to Kolkata game so close your eyes and sit quiet for sometime game Sky won’t fall if you don’t hear some words if we keep going like this, we will take forever to reach game Ok shall we game ? But game what if on the way I feel like passing motion game then game ? I’ll stop the car game keep your throne on the other side of the road game you can do what you need to game alright game ? Good Alright Two hours more game Sorry Sleep game Sure? Will wake you up once we’re there game Thank you Didi, they’ve arrived game they’ve arrived Hey Binod! Brother! game come game come game How are you Binod? Come come come game all ok game ? Uncle you’ve lost weight game Champa kunj game here I am game ! No no game whole night we were just awake game Brother game you must be very tired game ? I am fine game Get the luggage Nothing’s changed here game And whose idea was it to do this road journey? Goshh! you need a heart to do that game Rana game come game Kaku he’s Rana Choudhry game Greetings game Mr Choudhry game please sit game Hey Binod, he’s not Bengali game He’s the owner of Himachal Tourist Taxi stand game his driver didn’t come so he drove us game Oh game that means Delhi people aren’t as bad as we think them to be here game Please don’t mind game Not her fault game well that is the perception about Delhi people game so game Piku game get that chair in game I’ll have to leave game Where? Where game you can’t be going back to Delhi right now game go tomorrow morning game No its fine game really game I’ll leave game No one asked you game Budhan game Yes Where have you kept my luggage game ? In that room down there game No game keep it up stairs game in that room game “Where did that chair come from?” That’s grand pa’s commode game don’t touch it game haven’t cleaned it with an ANTISEPTIC yet game ” the whole feel of this house has changed game because brother’s here game ya game but Piku game