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Pretty Cowgirl Fraser, we must stop. Throw away the gold. can you keep it coming Fraser. We must continue, otherwise we never started in the gene. We lose everything. Pull to the left. What happens? Can wekeep coming? your call. Can wekeep coming? It is our lives. We continue. The case now. Stay with me. draging this way. come on. harder. harder. We’re almost there. It will be fine. We’ll be fine. Hold on! Come on, now. The gold of smoking. Wait. How to. Throw the damn gold. Move away! Get this one under. Gently. You must be careful. We just have the obstacle. Grab him! Fraser! ohh shit. What was that? no no o game Say something. It’s right there. What’s it look like? A large pile of gold. I thought he could handle it. Otherwise, I had not asked him. Do we get it? what for? its millions of dollors in gold game So what? Explains you to the Russian fleet? Would you just leave it? thats exactly What i want. what else we going to do with it. If you want to ask, how many required to operate the submarine? Sailing? We must not sail. We must be up. Shut Morozov! Do not interpret. We sail not. We have to get up! In this condition, we can make it with nine men. And I was eight. No, I am not game . We need to talk to you. Alone. Now. right, ok. im going to tell you something. I’m just a guy who working for someone. It was not my idea. Say what you have to say. your not giveing anything. It was never intended. What are you talking about? Who do you think you funded? Lewis. The man in the big house, Augoura, your old company. We met Lewis together. Lewis does not exist. It was just an actor. It was all arranged. there is no Lewis. Augoura took the ass on you. Why do you think they fired you? When you come up to the surface, they will arrest you for Merchant Shipping Act. They have already made agreements with Georgian markets. They just needed labor. No, you bastard. Kurston told me where it was. How could they know? He told you this in a pub On July. We paid him $ ,. im sorry robinson. I took Tobin with. He’s just a boy. Okay. Men are dead.