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don’t know what she has grown up to be game first she stays with her aunt Chhobi game plus single game living in Delhi game Hello game yes Nobendu game right game he has not told me anything game why game oh game ok game What happened? Nobendu is saying game brother has come to fix the house deal game I am not surprised. Must’ve done sitting in Delhi game It can’t be true game I warned you game but you shouted at me game now see for yourself game you respect him so much but for him we are nobody game huh game You’re over reacting game l don’t think its anything to worry game How’s Dr Shrivastava? He will miss you I don’t think so game Dad just forces him to come everyday game I never force anybody, never. There game Mr. Choudhary game join us Pass me some pepper Piku game I had no idea that your bowel problem had become so chronic? I don’t think it’s in our family game Of course it is! Our father had it! But how would you remember game you were busy in fooling around with life game fun game women. all that. Were the elders just watching the show if he was fooling around game ? game and when sister in law and almost decided to get him married to her sister Chhobi, game then what was the need to come and see me game ? Next day I had my M.Com exam game final paper game but no one cared! Mom just expressed it to grandma that game its fun if two brother’s are married to two sisters game but its not that she didn’t love you when you came game You were not even born then Piku game how would you know All I know is when mom was in the hospital game she said game whenever I would get married, you’ll do the rituals on her behalf game not aunt Chhobi game After mom, you are like a mother to me Why dig the old graves game she’s come here after so many years But what did I say game No no game don’t stop her game she’s right game this frustration is not right game it causes game Negativity right. .negativity. . .and that causes indigestion and then game Constipation game ? Amazing! How do you connect everything with the stomach?