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Pretty Girl and Her Horse even if the boat is fixed. we dont have enough men. we have enough man to move boat. We have enough. right now We need Baba. sonars are broken. We do not know even what way it lies. Baba is there behind it. When he killed Blackie, they wanna a kill him. They wanna kill everyone. They are crazy now. We have to have Baba And Zaytsev. And Fraser. He dead is not forgotten. But we have to have every one to get this boat up. We live together or die together. One of you has to go talk to him. Go now, while there is a chance. I believe we have found out that it is no good game . We can not have the equal lying around. Fraser game . put them out to the tubes. Yes, boss. do it decently. I got him. I’m sorry, buddy. Now they come. ready? roger. We are ready. Set the time. In progress. Stop! Come on. go. Stop. Stop. When we got up on top. I am going to eat your liver. Yes, we do. You are out there well with me, right? You have dived before. But from years ago. ing at, look at me. I’ll look after you. I promise. look after you. Morozov, I have an idea landscape, but it is vague. Baba thinks something rises up from the seabed. About meters away, maybe meters wide. It could be the submarine, which places us here. meters from the submarine, thats close enough. We can reach that. or it could be a small hill. Which means we are here. On the other ridge. Baba says he can be more precise but it will take time. maybe days. I need a hospital game . Daniels. Shut up game We do it now. if we are in the other ridge we all dead anyway. What about the other diver? cant do with two game I need a nother diver. Diving any of your? come on. I am ears. I’ll do it. I have scubadykket with youth club. Close this here. Stay close to Fraser, he knows what he’s doing. There is only enough oxygen to do this one. Make sure that the rows. It is quite dark. Relax and you gonna following me. I am here. Just jump. Come down quiet slowly. its all right. jesus game . just Stay calm and take a breath. Stay with me. I have never lost the man out here. all right.