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Sweet Girl, Sweet PonyIt wasrt supposed to hurt! Enough of this lying, Get to my tooth, or I’ll lose my mind, Okay, Just relax, Move it! Let’s go back to your family, Where did you get them from? These are police photos, Son of a, How can one trust the police? Pretty girl, My Kasia, My darling baby, My dad is, A businessman, What does it mean? It means, that dad does business, What business? Hello, my angels, Hi, honey, Hi, dad, Good morning, Coffee? Yes, coffee, coffee, What do they want again from my darling little daughter? Dad, what does it mean, that you’re a businessman? What? What have you got here? My mum’s name is Mira, She is very pretty, She helps my dad to run our house, And my dad’s name is Jan, He is a businessman, What does it mean, dad? It means, that dad works hard, so that daughter and mum have everything, Thanks, dad, So, are we eating? How is it? On one hand is your home, family and on the other the thugs, mafia, Can one live like that? Stop, I must change the battery, Listen, dude, I’ll tell you something, You need some guts to be in the mafia, You really need ing guts, Have you ever had a gun in your hands? Look at me, That’s adrenaline, You’re hooked, like on drugs, You’re the king of the world, No one dares to oppose you, Every week we would meet at the horse races. The big bosses, the board. They liked to have fun. But I didn’t care for these running nags. When the big bosses put their bets, I did their business. What’s up? Hi, The big bosses want % entrance fee, They’re getting greedy, Twenty, I’m not here to bargain with you, I’m here to hear: “yes”, or “no”, Okay, my loss, Too much effort to argue, Cash three days after business, We would get a percentage from each robbery in the city. Thirty percent. That wasrt much. If something went wrong, % of the trouble was our problem. Get down! Get on the ing ground! Don’t move! To have guts, means to have the courage to kill someone? I don’t know, I was just a middleman between the board and the soldiers, I never killed anyone, It was other job of other people,