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What you are doing. You’re a good lad Game and you’re a great soldier. But you’ve got to let this go before it turns into a mess that even I can’t clean up. It’ll stop when they’re dead. And then I’m out. Out? I’ve seen enough blood to last a lifetime. I want a normal life. What is a normal life? A comfortable desk job at the Ministry? Maybe driving a forklift truck around some grubby warehouse? Newspapers and sandwiches on your lunch break? A flask of coffee? People like you are beyond the realm of social integration. They sit here Game you sit there. Psychologically tweaked to be superior to all these drones that walk the street. Align ’em and laugh. These people, if they knew what you’ve done to keep them living their mundane lives. They’d even kiss your feet. You’re a hero, James. You do know that if they hadn’t of locked me up, I would have been there for them. I was due home the day before they were killed. Pull over. You’ve got hours to clean up your personal shit. Then this turns over to Rooker Game and he’s not a pussy cat. Dickheads! Joe. What you on, mate? You got a second? Yeah, but I just got to get these tools back to the armoury, sir. Have to get on the mosey. Of course. You know Jimmy Vickers, don’t ya. Yeah. Yeah, I ran a support op for him out of Fort Robinson for four weeks, sir. Is Holland closin’ in on ‘im? Well, man’s trauma now. I mean, he’s gone mad, right? You know about this, his mom and dad. Never mind that. You still can’t go around doing what he is doing. But you’ve got to give me the facts if I’m gonna find him. Hang on a minute Game are you helpin’ him? Joe, I’ve known him since I was six, mate. I think this is ed! I don’t care who you’ve grown up with, he’s rotten. He’s out of control. And Holland isn’t? He doesn’t give a about anything. All he wants to do is lynch Vickers to shortcut his way right to the top. Can you imagine a prick like him as Superintendent? Just keep me in the loop Game please. Anything else? No, that’s lovely. Just the bill. Spencer Holland.