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Lets go. Who all stay in Kolkata game ? Uncle game aunt game actually my mother, dad and I game we used to stay there earlier In any case one leg of Bengalis is always in Kolkata game yeah but I mean game l feel totally at home in Delhi also game Ya but one does have connections with the place one belongs to game Correct game Correct But there is nothing for me Baba game few relatives game l have no connection with them game and that house Which you want to sell off but I won’t let you game Are you going to sell off your home game ? Don’t know game Hey Budhan game where did it’s cell go game ? Cell game I gave it to you game No, it was in your hand when we stopped at that roadside place for dinner game Is it game ? Huuhh game Turn back the car game turn back game What game ? Turn back the car game What game ? My ear plug cell has gone weak game I think I’ve left it behind where we’d stopped game hey why are you still driving game u turn u turn game We’ll be in Kolkata in a bit game Nobody is talking to you mister game do as I say game u turn game Dad game l am sure you have enough battery that can last you till there game we can’t waste time unnecessarily Unnecessary? Oh Unnecessary game this ear whistles due to weak battery game strange sounds come out of here game is it unnecessary? Why do you think lam a burden on you game lam not a burden game ! Look game l can do everything on my own game alright game ? Oh game Dad game please game you game Na Na game you be quiet game ! And you game you are charging us game if you don’t listen to me game I won’t care whether you’re an owner or a driver game I can take bus also game I am fit game l am not dependent on any body game no body game Unnecessary! Why have you stopped here game ? Fine game you can take the bus game stopping every now and then game bloody game even my patience is running out game Please mind your language game No I have not said anything wrong game and what’s with this burden thing game ? Wonder why parents feel satisfied in emotionally blackmailing their