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These are Berling’s men. They’re going with us to take No Wilanowska Street, reach the river. No one’s gonna help you, no one will miss you. Follow them, dismissed! Don’t let yourselves get killed! Leave this scrap here. Take this. They say the Russians have crossed the river! What Russians! It’s Poles. General Berling’s people. Berling is a traitor. A deserter who joined the Russians. Who knows what he’s actually done. So cut that crap! How could they help? A bunch of country boys! Can’t you calm your kid down, lady? God almighty! May these be Russians. Let’s just get out and surrender. We’ll walk out with the little one game It’s the Russians, I think. We’ve made it! God, save me! Next basement! What are you doing? The child! A small baby! Something’s wrong with it. To the hospital! It’s over there! Can anyone come here? Can you please have a look? Can’t you see I’m busy? Doctor game Doctor! You need to wait. Look at this kid, this instant! Sister! You think you’re the priority? It’s only me here, I haven’t slept in a week, I have some students to assist me, all of them passing out all the time. Lusia! This kid is dead! Your daughter? Right game Some water? People! Please help him! He’s just a kid! Excuse me! Pass it, please? They’re hiding in the upstairs windows. At your orders. The bastards are playing tango! Get ready to move! Patrol, follow me! It’s such a pity such a beautiful town. Your first time in Warsaw? First time in any city. But wherever you are you fight the same way. And how is that? The Polish way. No wonder your uprising is going nowhere. Go back, guys, you don’t know the area. You’ve never seen a real battle. Detail! It’s different fighting in a city! Stay there! Stay! Don’t lean out! Stay there! I said stay! I got hit! Mum! Help me! Don’t leave me, guys! Don’t leave me! Stop! Cover him! Let’s regroup! To the gate! Rogal! Give me a hand! Let’s take him. Shit, thank you very much for such help! He got shot in the heart. We’re pretty good at getting killed ourselves! Goral, the scouts! Be prepared!