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Princess And Cute Unicorn good. lets go. Then light up, although the difference Stop the piberi. It’s my lung disease. It sounds ing like a death rattle. Skip, We are ready moveing out. ok. look after yourself. Good luck. what is the seabed like? Miles of dark shit. Grab his hand! Tobin, are you okay? What happened? Tobin? Fraser! Fraser, help me! im in the ing edge! Pull me up Quiet. I got you. I got you. Blackie smoke right past me. What happened? Come in. We found the edge game . Is anyone hurt? Can we carry on? Tobin gonna wash his underwear, but we are okay. lets keep going game Peter, how you doing? Almost finished. Oh, no game no no What is it? ground. the ground rising. We are on the hill. Are you sure? Are you sure? Yes, its rising straight up. We have been wrong. It’s not here. we are on the wrong ridge. I have game . Hello. What? say again. what? I have found it! I have found the submarine! its here. under the mud. Well done. lad. Ears game . in the ing mud. There is air in here. Can we take the helmets of? dont do that. The air is turned into gas. It burn your lungs out of second. Come. its good. My goodness. We knew there would be equal. Why is he strapped? Is it a prison? No. it’s a prison son. Cannibalism. Let us find what we came for. Come on. is it get a work? Peter, your ! Will it work? They are virtually the same. Tobin, help him get it out. I’ll be back in a minute. Wait game . My goodness. My goodness. Are you there? Fraser? We drive shaft. I loader it now. No, listen to me. I must be very careful. It is our way out of here. We are ready. Bring her in, slow & stedy In order. move it. Come on. push. The wire pulls with nearly four tons. What’s going on? The just need a little help. It moves. its moveing now. What’s going on? Why is it so heavy? They have the gold. It’s too heavy. This is what we came for. I serious. We must at least try. Robinson, Robinson. We lose the drive shaft with . Better to lose the gold. keep coming. The jammed. I am fine now. Continue forward! there we go. Fraser! Keep pushing. It must clear the rock.