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Please be as quick as you can. I’m in a great hurry, yes. Oh, please go faster. Please run faster, can’t you? This way. To the right. Right. Please hurry! No, down there! This is the wrong way! Down there! Please go back! Not this way! Can’t you hear me? No, not this way, please! Come here! Oh! No! Look, your name is Ingrid? Please! Please! I’m a friend! Who are you? My name is Ah Sing. I bring message from Bob Mitchell. Oh, where is he? Safe place. He wants you tell me about bad man, always smoking. You’ve seen him Radio at floating restaurant- Aberdeen. You know him? No, I don’t, but I think my sister did, because went to nightclub here and he was at the bar. Which nightclub? Oh, I don’t remember the name, but there was a singer there called Magda. Magda? Oh, I know. It was the Blue World. We two could have The time of our lives We two could be Sensual The world can be What we make it Oh, sorry, sorry. Exciting, isn’t she? Mm-hmm. Are you in show business? Yes, I am. That is exciting. I’m- well, I guess I am, in a way. I sell chewing gum. Hmm. Confections. You sell much chewing gum here in the club? Pardon? What is her name? Magda. I beg your pardon? Magda. Oh. Very pretty. Mmm. And the time of our lives Is now We two could have The time of our lives We two could raise Such a cheer Our love Will stagger the nation Each date will rate A great standing ovation From coast to coast They’ll vote us the most The turtledoves of the year So, start today Tomorrow we’re old and gray And the time of our lives Yes, the time of our lives Oh, the time of our lives ls here with you With you, with you With you Gee, wait’ll I tell the folks back home. You’re just the greatest. I’m glad you liked it. Oh, it’s you- you- Magda, what did you mean finishing the number here? Half the audience can’t see you. I’m interested in this half. I pay you to entertain them all. You don’t pay me, period. Don’t try it again. Good night. Gee, I’m terribly embarrassed. Hope I didn’t cause you any trouble.