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my first film is a film about madmen! I was a great reader of all the works of Antonin Artaud. He said that music should act. Game upon the nervous system. Game like an electric shock. And in “La Tête contres les murs,” Game that was provided by the percussion instruments. It’s intense Game And that’s what I was trying to find, something that matched. what insane people felt. I met Hervé Bazin, a known author Game Game and said, “I’ve no money. “Can I have the rights to your book to make a film?” He gave them to me for nothing. Franju had made short films, including one on the “TNP” Game where he met Maurice Jarre. I said, “Look Game “you do this one and I’ll take a role. ” When it came to music, he said, “We’ll get Maurice Jarre. ” I remember Aznavour’s funeral. There was no hope left. So there were chords from an out Games of Games tune piano. Game and a banjo, also out of tune, which went Game with a bass that simply punctuated. A whole musical sequence with instruments. So I was looking for great simplicity. Game to express this total, desperate solitude. Choosing a composer is always terrifying. On the one hand, I know it will be very gratifying. Game for a composer to add music to what we’ve already done. But on the other hand, you can make a big mistake. With Maurice, it’s relatively easy. Game to discuss the music. He doesn’t compose small pieces for such and such a scene. He has an overall vision of the film score Game Game as one would for the music of an opera. By that I mean, there are themes that appear Game Game develop, come back together Game Game and make a whole by the finale. It’s as though he composes a concert to accompany the film Game with an overture, with phrases Game with an andante, an adagio Game Game a scherzo and a rondo, if possible. Maurice Jarre is the most discreet composer. In other words, he follows so well. He slips into the film so well with his music. Game that you don’t even realize the music’s there.