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No pass to anyone. Step back! Excuse me. No pass. Excuse me. That’s an order. Please don’t touch me. Lady, what are you pushing for? Goddamn it! We’re all waiting. Let us through, we’re from the detail! Everyone says that! My son was from the detail, too! Don’t touch me. Captain, it’s me! From the detail in the convent! Easy now! With my brother. With whom? With my brother. Can we go in? Let them pass. He’s wounded. Be careful. They’re shooting from above. It’s quiet down there. You get out at Warecka street. Bottle. Go! Go! Absolutely quiet. Or I won’t see you again. Thank you! Ask for Karol from Barry’s group. But you’ll forget anyway. Do you intend to stay here, miss? Anyone else? Move on! Where are we? Hush! Quiet! Stop. It’s not here. Where are we? I don’t know. The Centre? Grenade! Run! Great victory! The insurgents have taken the Saint Cross church, the Nazi Gendarmerie and Foreign Affairs HQ. We’ve released several dozen civilian hostages game Some water, please. From which detachment? Your quarters are very near. Ewa! Yes? And them? Where to? To the bank. Unfortunately, German artillery was shelling the Old Town all night. There are no untouched buildings left there. Civilian traffic has died out. City centre citizens are asked to offer all help to those evacuating from the Old Town. Great victory! The insurgents have taken the Saint Cross church game Look at them! Master race! Look at you now, murderers! Dad, water! You, upstairs! More towels! No, there! Wiktor, show them! Guys, this way. Stas, help them. You have to find yourselves some place. Hear me? Move it, to the basement! Stop! You’re defending the motherer?! Let me in! I’m gonna kill the German rat! Press it here. Stay with him, I’ll get some help. Stop! Come on, run up the stairs! What are you doing?! Press it! They murdered my wife! My life! A doctor! Praised be the lord, Father! Here comes the youth! We’re Cobra’s detail! You’re the guys from the Old Town! Stuff of legends now! We gave the Germans a rough ride! Father, could you? Can you get them married,