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Peter? Give me your hands. Hurry! Ehh! We’ve got to go on with the mission. That almost gave a heart attack! I knew they’d get through that okay. But me, in my case. I’m not so sure. Poor profiterole. Do you think he’s okay? He’ll be all right. I’ve got to hand it to him, he’s one tough. Brave little guy. Pascal? Pascal! Can you see profiterole? We only have one camera. It’s true. Parliament would only approve ze budget that allows us the one camera. Politicians. Of course. There is only one way for you to help profiterole. You must hit restart in this story, and then join up with him in the next one. Well, it looks like we are on the right route. There’s the Dezmontoza river. I saw that on my map. In the tree of giant snakes! So, what about the Munchi Games Munchi? I’ve got an idea. When the moon goes behind the clouds. We’ll descend from above and make the Munchi Games Munchi believe that we are lunar gods. Who must enter the temple of Onoffon. In order to make the moon reappear. You just came up with that? I read a lot. So I have a pretty active imagination. Munchi Munchi. I sure hope you can’t understand me. “Ring around the rosey. Pocket full of posies. “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Onoffon, Onoffon, Onoffon!” What do you know? It actually worked! Once we enter the temple, that’s hopefully when Dr. Ferguson will return. So you two should wait in the balloon. But if the moon reappears. You’d better be on your way. What about you? It was nice to meet you. But it’s time for us to go. Either those three are incredibly courageous. Or they’re completely crazy! Torpedo, they’re entering the temple. Go finish them off! Who is that muscle Games bound maniac? He’s definitely not part of the story, that’s for sure. I don’t get it! How do they enter the imagination? I’m getting a lot on him. Intruder, I’ve got you now! Aah! What is that octopus doing here? From the looks of things, whatever he wants! This is all wrong!