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I really need something to inhibit her nightmares. I can’t bear the fact that my daughter is being so affected by her sleep. You want her to stop dreaming? Yes I do. One magic word game Benzodiazepines. It’ll completely prevent her from dreaming. Catelyn game I received an email this afternoon from the lab. You do know Jessica is pregnant? Jess, darling. Jess, darling. Wake up darling. Wake up Jess. I’ve got something for you. It’ll do you good. S S Jess? Wake up Jess! Jess! Wake up Jessica. Jess, darling. Jess. Wake up Jessica! Jess! Come on Jessica. Take this. Stop all this nonsense. Sit up! Go on take it. Take it! Jessica, stop this. It’ll calm you down. You must take it. It’s for your own good. I told you take it! Now drink this. That’s a good girl. Now, show me. Good girl. Now, you have a good rest. Bitch! It was not enough to bring disgrace to our family name? You game felt the need to lie to us on top of that. You used game our faith in the God game to conceal your act of infamy from us. Shame on you. You’re as immaculate as this dirty game bloody sheet! Llisten to me carefully, Catelyn Blake. I don’t want this child or her mother game to enter my home ever again. Do you hear me? Both children should have been dead today. But we can’t bury this poor baby girl without a name. Find a lovey name for her, Catelyn. I had chosen Lucy. Please, get rid of her for me. I simply can’t do it. My poor little girl. You have no name yet. I had only chosen one game For one child. I will call you game Jessica. You’ve been the burden of my entire life. You game are the daughter game game that I didn’t want. I’ll just pretend game that you were never game born. What’s up? Get up Jim. You’ve always game blamed me for your mistakes. Don’t worry game I’ll get rid of me for you. Goodbye mother. Oh God! Jessica! What is it? Go get the doctor! Jessica! Go and get the doctor! Oh God! It’s Jessica. She has fainted and game and she’s been seized by terrible convulsions. Jessica, my little girl! Please doctor, Please, come now game please.