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come on. Leave me. Listen, it’s nothing. Come on, they’re waiting for us over there. I’m sorry. Here. Goodnight Sergio. Goodnight sir. Goodnight madam. Sorry again. It was no trouble. Hello. Hello. I came to bring you a piece of pie. Here, I found this yesterday after your departure. Thanks, I looked for it everywhere. I thought I had lost it in the park. You’re feeling better today! Yes. Germaine told me you were a champion for pies. Would you like a little coffee? No, thanks. It’s good! I wanted to ask you if you’d lend me your bike this afternoon? Take it, it’s in the barn. But I think it’s flat. Oh it doesn’t matter, I’ll inflate it again. No, you won’t find the pump. We’ll go see. Don’t go to any trouble, you haven’t finished eating. I’ve got the whole day off. I’m asking too much. You must be joking! Hello! Hello. So the bike’s going well? Yes. I made a long trip. I went as far as the mill. I’m not bothering you? No, not at all. I’m washing a little bit, I just finished washing the pig. Have you seen the ewe? Yes. She’s doing better isn’t she? She looks like she stands better on her legs. What are you giving her? Vitamins. I put them in bran balls. The postman explained it to me. And she allows you? More or less. Do you want to come in for a minute? Alright. May I take one? Yes, of course. Here, sit down. Don’t you want a little sip of brandy? Alright, but just a drop. Do you know the people who live in the farm by the mills? The clubfeet? Oh yes I do. They look strange. They’re nutcases. Madeleine is an honest fat woman. She’s nice. But it’s the two others. They don’t want to do a damn thing. The father and the son. Here you go. To your health! She makes the farm work. The men are alcoholics. Two sons already hung themselves in there, and a third put a bullet in his head. Mr. Claude never told you about it? No. He knows them well nevertheless. Last year they even came for his help to calve. The mother had calved during the night, so we went there with Mr. Claude. It was a huge calf, three weren’t enough to get it out.