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Ok it’s my turn now. Sure. You are making me drink alcohol under the pretext of this game. No. You are trying to give me happiness. I remind you of somebody. You enjoyed the journey with me from Bombay to here. This work, this event was only an excuse to keep yourself busy. To stay away from sadness. One question one shot Games what fun! Happy. Very happy. Thank you. I am fine, Okay. I am fine I am fine. He betrayed me. He betrayed me. Jhanvi it’s ok. No, it’s not ok. That Radha Mehta Games whose photograph you have seen on the mobile. She and Aadi. How do you feel when someone you love betrays you? It feels very bad. I had loved him completely but he Games Jhanvi Games Jhanvi how could any body ever hurt you? You Games you are so lovely. Aryan. Yes, you remind me of someone. About that love which was never mine. Yes, I enjoyed the journey from Mumbai to here very much. Yes, I want to love you very much. Aryan. I want to give you lot of happiness. Beloved, why are you craving? In my arms I will give you. A wet season. Let your tresses spread on my chest. Let my stars shine bright today. Let it become fast. Your and my heartbeats. Why are you craving? Beloved. In my arms I will give you. A wet season. I am not a stranger. Why this distance from me? Why are you incomplete when I am there? Today let my feelings fill. Today let my feelings fill. All the incompleteness of your life. Why are you craving? Beloved. In my arms I will give you. A wet season. Aryan. Don’t say anything please. First time I am seeing you so much happy But Games Don’t feel guilty. I am here. Everything will be alright Jhanvi. I love you. Aryan. Jhanvi, last night two people had turned their backs to sadness Games and they have accepted happiness. This is our right, it is true. I am not joking! Come on! Aadi, stop it! You are impossible, Aadi! Today you are not worried about Jhanvi too. Enough! I can’t take it anymore. Will you tell her everything? Well, it had to happen someday. What she is doing here? Tell her to go from here. Radha will not go anywhere.