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Princess Riding a Horse 2 He is known for aesthetic combination of lyric poetry with realism. The true poet of his generation! Mr. Lee Jeokyo. I, Lee Jeokyo, am an old man. Roethke referred to getting old as wearing the leaden weight of what I did not do. Just as your youth is not a prize for your efforts My agedness is not a penalty for my faults Eungyo is like sweet rain upon a dry land. It will be hard to write a story more beautiful, more truthful, or more replete. Happy birthday, Grumpa! I got you a cake and a present. Grumpa, your windows are so dirty. Would you like me to clean it as a birthday present? Eungyo’s here. You don’t seem happy to see me. Of course I’m glad to see you. Grumpa. Here’s salt. Looks really good. Look at this, Grumpa! Looks good. I’ve also brought candles. Let’s just light one. What? Light just one candle Okay. Our famous writer is here. Sir Happy birthday. I’ll get going now. He’s diabetic. He can’t eat cake. Mr. Seo! Come here. Have a drink before you go. Try it. Let’s see How’s my salad, my soup? It’s very good. It is, isn’t it? Grumpa, do you know when they started drinking wine? A , year old wine bottle was found in Georgia. It’s almost as old as human race. Why do you keep asking him questions instead of me? Don’t bother him. You never have good answers. It’s easier when he explains things. You are too loose. A typical engineer! I don’t know how he became a writer, do you? What’s wrong with majoring in engineering? Did you write poetry like him? Like Grumpa? I wanted to write poetry. I desperately wanted to. You started writing novels because you couldn’t write poems? Then poetry is the highest level? Poetry is higher. Did you know that Me, Seo Jiwoo the genre novelist, People scorned me But now they worship me. Just because I won a prize. The mighty critics who never once called me Now can’t get enough of me. So you are noble, so what? So you are a national poet, sir, So what? The key is to succeed. No matter what! I’m no longer a mask. I’m Seo Jiwoo and I’m really going to succeed, sir. I have a quiz for you.