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White Queen’s Bishop to Queen Two. White King’s Bishop’s Pawn Games to King’s Bishop Three. That’s six, Petersen you only get seven with a Beretta. Black King’s Bishop’s Pawn to Games King’s Bishop Four. Black Queen’s Pawn to Queen Six. Black Queen to King Four. White Castle to King Four. Black King to King Four. No..! Checkmate! Is this a private party, or can anyone join in? Be my guest! Well, what shall I do with her? Nasty little girl. Down the black hole. Give me a hand with this Bishop. It’s heavy. Well, that ought to keep the little darlings quiet for a while. Well, I’m glad to see that Grace and the King are hitting it off. It must be her explosive personality. What’s the time? Five to twelve. We’ve got five minutes. Oh! Ah! Ah! Ahh! Oh! Hey, hey. Oh! Ah! Where is it? Come on! Come on, get going! Cover them. What’s all this about, Mr Drummond? This girl is due to blow up in about two minutes. So where is it? Ahh! I don’t know. Honestly. I do Games lover! You won’t get anything out of her. Here, catch this. Give me the other one. No time for modesty. The women they’ve got away! We’ll worry about them later. Sorry about this hope you can swim. One, two, three Games and up she goes. And up she goes! Ha, ha! lncidentally, where was it? In her chignon. Chignon? Well, you know her false hair piece up there. Clever, wasn’t it? It couldn’t be! It was nicer than mine Games so I changed them over. Where is it now? I’m wearing it! You’re what?! That’s what comes of letting success go to your head. Help! Help! Help! I’ll go. No, I’ll go. Help! Starts at eight. I could meet you there. Thank you. That would Games that would be very nice. Grand. And these, they’re for you. They are Games lovely. See you about a quarter to, then. Yes. Yes, I’ll be there! Oh! Ernest Games Two, please. Victor McLaglen. Who’s he? Him up there. Oh. My favourite. Oh Games Oh, Ernest, doesn’t it sound wonderful? Cor! Blimey, yeah. Five shillings to get in! A bit posh if you ask me. Tell you what, it’s under a shilling at our church hall next Saturday.