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I told you that plants may be more useful than we think. This for example. You’ve seen thousands of them on the balconies. It is called the Dieffenbachia Sequine. Or as the natives called it, Dumb Cane. Dumb Cane or muting cane. Do you know why? Because the sap from it’s stem. In contact with the vocal cords. Causes an irritation that leaves you speechless. The truth is, I had never tested it, but Game it seems to work. What I still don’t know is how long it’ll last. Calm down, young one. And enjoy your life as a doll. You look beautiful. And your eyes are still sparkling. Unlike the gloomy look of your peers. They are broken Game threadbare Game You’re not. You still smell like new. Elisa, darling, it’s time to feed your new doll. Little girl needs to eat to grow up. If you don’t eat, you don’t play with dolls. Mommy has prepared food. Eat or I’ll get angry. Mommy gets angry. Mommy gets angry. You never make mommy angry! Ever! Mommy will make you pretty. Mom has a visitor. Maybe they wan’t to see us. Mommy is angry. Mommy is angry. Is angry. Mommy is angry. Mommy is angry. Mommy is angry. Mommy is angry. This thing won’t stop ringing. It’s late. You should tell Game Alex. Where the hell are you? Yep? Ursula? Who? No, no. Ursula is not here. O. K., O. K. And Ana? No, Ana neither. Who are you? Tell them to bring ice. Bring ice. Yes, hello? Yes, well, sorry for calling this late. Did a girl stop by this evening? For a job interview? Actually, yes, it’s very late to be calling. It’s all right though. We didn’t go to bed yet. We’ve been waiting for her. I even prepared tea. But she didn’t show up. Are you sure? Why would I lie to you? Yes, Yes. You’re right, sorry. Don’t worry, I hope you find her. Thanks. Your boyfriend is very worried. Poor guy. He’s desperately looking for you. But don’t worry. He’ll give up. It happens to everyone. They eventually find another girl. And he’ll forget you. Elisa, honey, you have to sleep. Tomorrow you can play all day with your new doll. I almost forgot her sleeping medicine.