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The Russians will come. But they’re bound to stay for good. The West will help. We are part of Europe. They don’t give a damn about our country. The Poles are counting on Russian help, but so far noone’s heard of any talks with Stalin, who doesn’t give a damn about us, pardon my French. I need to go. Who’s got the keys? Don’t you like it here? I need to go. Stefan wants to go home. No, we’ll go in the morning. We have to wait. The goods arrive in the morning. As in the paintings of Delacroix. Dad, nobody’s listening. Stefan, what is it? You said fifteen minutes! A hero! Alright! How is it? Here you are at last! Quiet! Can you hear it? The front line! Things are going to happen! How could you do this to me? You’ve been lying all this time! I thought they’ve killed you! You promised! You’re a traitor! Mum, please! You’re a liar! Mum, please! Everyone’s lying. You’re all liars! He also lied he’d return home! Can’t you get it? He also said he would return home! I’ve got no one left, I’m all alone game There’s no one left, I’m all alone game Sweetheart, get up. Get up! Wake mum up, I don’t have the guts to. Don’t sit there. The Russians have reached Warsaw. Yeah, and game ? The uprising starts today, I’ve just found out. The further away from the city, the better. You’re going to thank me for that! Myshkin game What am I to do? Tell me. How’s my horse? It’s still not ready. Hi! So, can I ride it now? No, you can’t. Please! Back to your friends. It’s gonna be fine soon! Great! At the factory. Today? How long can it take? They say two or three days. The Soviets have taken Legionowo. Kama! See you! Coming. Let’s go. Jasio! Come see! Mum’s cooking. Jasio! Have a try! What are you doing? Nothing. Tell me. I can’t. Please. Oh, stop it. Where are you going? Jasio! Jasio, please! Don’t leave me. Please! I don’t want to be alone. You mustn’t snivel. Take care of mum, the way I do, OK? You can’t tell mum, OK? Please don’t go. You won’t leave me, right? Don’t tell mum game Jasio! Please don’t go. Gosh game this is beautiful game Hi, guys!