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I will miss you. Aryan. I will miss you. Stop it. Welcome back to the show after the break. You are watching The RKB Show. My name is Rajiv K Bajaj and right now… …we have with us the famous Psychiatrist… …of our country Dr. Aditya Merchant. I think our honor is being wasted and a young… …talented Psychiatrist is there with us in our show… …and other than this in the medical… …profession I think this is a big success… …that people like you are working in India. Thank you so much for the honor. I am actually speechless, sir. Very wonderful… From Mumbai say this Mr. Janak Hruday… …is writing that you are God to him. Three months ago he couldn’t even think… …that he may be able to lead life like a common man. Now how do you react to that? I think he is over reacting. May be he needs one more counseling. Needs one more counseling? You are proud to be a God but I don’t need God. I don’t need a God. I have broken the TV Doctor now these people… …will take me and close me in another room. Now we will never meet again. Goodbye. And yes please shut the window before you leave. It is good if some windows remain closed. May I speak to Mr. Aditya Merchant please. Sorry madam, he is not in the clinic. Please try on his mobile. I have tried for six times. The mobile subscriber you have dialed is… …currently not reachable. Please try later. He is not mad like others. When you talk to him he seems to be normal. You know what sometimes I feel that he is not mad. He is acting so that he will be saved from punishment. I will make him get well and take him away from here… If it is that way then why don’t you tell him the… …truth that for what reason you are here. May be it may make some difference. No, not now. When he is ready to listen that time I will tell him. Oh my god seven missed calls. Whose is it? Wife who else. Does your wife miss you this much? Well… See you Doctor, bye Who the hell put the fan on here? Hey have you gone mad. Ritu will you please clear that mess. Sure madam.