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Sorry’s all! Sorry is a castaway word on the breath of the hopefuls who have gone too far to right their wrongs. I’ll tell you who I am: The last face you’re gonna see. No, please. I said I was sorry. Come on, man. Please don’t do me like that! Please! I’m a Game Please, please! Game Please! No, no! Please! Please! no! Please! Please, please! No! You Game motherer Game you .. Oh, sake’s Game please! Oh! ! Oh! Oh! All right, just quit! What ya doin’?! Oh, me, I’ll talk. Stop!! Stop!! STOP!! You said you got your plate full Game some fairly gruesome murders. Nothing I can’t handle, sir, we’ll get ‘im. You think it’s the same person? Possibly. You think that’s a safe assessment? Without a doubt. Why’d you think I became the youngest Chief Superintendent in London? I didn’t want to deal with those shits anymore. You know, in , I went to New York on holiday with the missus. The week we were there, the binmen were on strike. You cannot imagine the smell. Picture that size, it was in August, too. Listen, people don’t really care or take notice of the binmen. They don’t care how they toss out people’s rubbish Game But the binmen who stop makes you know that, the city starts to stink. Do you understand where I’m getting to with this? I need you to know who you are in this story. I’m the guy cleaning all the shit up to make the streets safer. Well, if you are, you’re an idiot. The policeman who thinks he can clean up the streets is a deluded fool. You don’t rock the boat. You look after number one. Before you know it, you’ll have your own borough. Be nice to be the next Superintendent in London, wouldn’t it? Yes, sir. You wrap the gruesome ones quick. You grab the statements, you scrape them off the streets. And you keep the media out. If the Commissioner finds out about this gettin’ out, you’ll be demoted to Constable before you can say “Katy Price” is a virgin. Do you understand? Yes, sir. Anything else? No, just the coffee, please. Can I help you, sir? I’ll have a tea, please. Sure, coming right out.