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Princess With Cute Horse 2 who is asleep game game those aren’t the manners of a prince. And getting in someone’s bed at midnight game game and kicking him, that’s more like a doctor, isn’t it? Revenge! Well, that’s okay. Scores settled. Oh, girlfriend. Doctor, its midnight and I want to sleep. Please, go. She’s pretty. ‘Snob. ‘ So what do I call you? Prince. Junior majesty, Viku. Viku is nice. Doctor. Yes. Can you go to your room, please? Good night prince Viku. Good night. Chocolate! Doctor! ‘Definitely a snob. ‘ ‘Trouble. ‘ This is good. There’s sensation in your legs. Come on, let’s exercise now. That’s all for the day. I am not interested in exercising. Sambhalgarh is a beautiful place. So take a look around game game and go back home after a few days. Delhi isn’t a bad place either for sightseeing. And if I wanted to have fun game game I would’ve never come to this curfewstricken place. Come on! Let’s exercise. I never do anything against my will. ‘Even the King is a snob. ‘ Ramsevak, please call his will game game because he never does anything that goes against his will. Ramsevak. Excuse me, please. Thank you. ‘Doesn’t he want to get better?’ ‘Majesty’s will’ Do as you please, I’ll leave too. What do I do? Looks better now. Three hour session in one hour. It’s alright, Mili. These kings were always lazy. Don’t give up. Maybe he’ll get interested after seeing your interest. Listen to me, Gautam. I love you. I game I can change for you completely, Gautam. Divya, he’s not worth it. He’s really not worth it. If that silly Gautam loves you game game then let him change himself. Give me the phone! I’ll talk to him. Everything will be cleared now. Give me the phone! Give me the phone! “Love is a Game. ” “Gautam: No, no. I game ” Oh game so you want to act? But please don’t tell anyone. I have to focus only on my studies. But you can do both. Mother will never understand. Then talk to Vikram? Vikram’s always busy. If it doesn’t concern his business game game then he doesn’t have time for it. Shall I rehearse this scene with you? I have a lot of free time.