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You mean other people could Jack our idea and not pay us for it? Yeah, there’s thieves lurkin’ all over the Internet. Hate that! -We need a monopoly and a copyright. We can get both, right? Yeah. Yeah! Need it. Need it a.S.A.P.! Now what? I’ll do the thinkin’, and you… You do the legwork. How? Idiot. You can only get a monopoly one way. You search the Internet. I mean, there is a process. You both are idiots. Everything’s not on the Internet. It’s not? No. In order to get a monopoly, you need to go directly to the government. Now they control who gets a monopoly and who doesn’t. Okay. -You know, my brother’s a congressman. I probably could get an appointment with him. I mean, god knows he owes me a favor or nine. Your twin brother brother? Yeah. How come I’ve never met him? We haven’t gotten along in decades. Why is that? Well, just a little sibling rivalry. About what? None of your business. All right. Now, he owes me, and it’s time to collect. I thought you didn’t drink. Anything else? Gum? What is this? An inquisition? No, I was just, um… Do you do selfies? Excuse me? Do you take selfies? Idiot. Everybody takes selfies. Well, we’re gonna have a selfie contest, and you can win a thousand if you have the best selfie. How much? A thousand large. A thousand large? Mm-hmm. A million dollars? No. Not a million. That would be ridiculous. No, um, a thousand. You mean one large. Yeah. Just one selfie, though? No mas? It’s got to be , ’cause I’m the judge. Oh! Oh, you’re the judge? Me. Okay. How do I win? Well, I am partial to selfies taken from the… the front. From the front. You know, well, um… The top front. You know what I mean? Oh, yeah. Anything else? No. I think that covers it. Just go to selfieshootout.Tv. Hmm. I’ll think about it. But it’s not easy to take a selfie, you know? Is there anything yet? Ah, it’s the babe from the store. From the store? Hola. Hola. You remember me? Who’s this? It’s the guy from the liquor store. The selfie judge. Oh! You get my selfie? Yeah, and it was right on the money. Am I the winner?