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Princess With Cute Pony What they have in the paper about abortion this last month I think stirs up people much more, they don’t give it much thought until they start putting a lot of things in the paper like they have. Right, how many times have we received threatening phone calls because of what I do? Oh, I don’t know. How many times, do you think? I don’t know anymore. People call and I just hang up. I just Game you know I can’t. But they call you? Yeah. What did your friends say? You know, I didn’t pay that much attention to it any more. I mean you know I said you were doing what you felt like you needed to do. I mean, Game I really hope that one of these days that you feel that you could enjoy the rest of your life. I would like you to be able to say, Okay somebody else is gonna do this, I’m gonna go do my thing now. Yeah. That’s what I would like Game Yeah, good, if it were possible. That’s what I would do. Ha ha, okay, I understand. But getting somebody else who wants to come and do this, is very difficult, pretty close to impossible. Okay. Okay I’ll see you. Take care. Okay, no running in halls, okay? I’ll try to behave myself. Alright Game Okay. Take care. Alright, I’ll see you now. Alrighty, bye bye Game I got a deal here so I got a season pass next year. Apparently, I can use it today or something, huh? Yeah. And you’re over seventy. Yeah. Alright. You wanna have a seat, we’ll get your picture. Mug shot go ahead. Mug shot. Okay here ready? Alright ready, smile Game One, two, three, alright Game The work I’ve done has been, very very fulfilling for me. But the antiabortion attacks have had a terrible effect on my personal life. I setup the clinic in and I immediately started getting death threats in the middle of the night. And I started sleeping with a rifle by my bed because I believed that they were ready to carry out those threats. An example was in first week of March, , I got five shots fired through the front windows of my office. And so, you know, when I walked out the door of my office, I expect to be assassinated.