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Princess With Sweet Unicorn 2 he moon has to be fuII. But when it happens, the sun I ghts up the earth. and the earth casts its shadow on the moon. You understand? That’s it! You know what was missing in your p cture? The sun ExactIy And in the end. the sun does aImost aI the work. I don’t be ieve it Is that Norm? You’re going to get busy, honey. You th nk? WeII, he certa n y isn’t here for the quaIity of our French fries Ladies, m ss game Where are you coming from with that van? Ajob up north. Ajob? I had to pick up some merchandise. Oh yeah? Up north? Yeah, up north Where up north? Way up north! The Far North! WeII, are you coming? As they say. ‘m so hungry, if I had some saIt and pepper game I’d eat my own ass BeverIey, st II as beautifuI as ever don’t know why. but I feeI I ke frog egs. It’s been a wh Ie. Norm, I was think ng. If you ever need heIp once we’re in the city. Iet me know, I couId he p you out If ever need heIp? I mean. don’t m nd driv ng. do ng deIiveries game You couId ntroduce me to peop e It’d be fun to work together I don’t think so, no. You might think that’s what you want, but it’s not. Look, you did the right thing, Ieaving home, starting over, getting a change of scenery. They say you can’t choose your famiIy, but that’s not true You sti I have a cho ce. You can choose to Iive n the city. find a white girI, a bIack girI. a yeIIow g r. have a kid who becomes the top scorer n his eague and save enough cash to retire to a beach somewhere n FIorida. You can do aII that. You sti I have a cho ce. But if you choose the wrong famiIy game You’II soon f nd out that Iife is damn ordinary when you wake up each day with the same fee ng in your gut.. that rem nds you there’s no one you can trust. With that k nd of famiIy, you just hope to end up n a decent retirement home because game it’s stiI not as bad as end ng up n the river. So choose wise y if you want a change of scenery, otherwise game you’ wind up in the same oId sh t. You know what? I feeI I ke having wa tress Iegs instead. AIready? You don’t want to eat first. get some energy?